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How to Decorate Your Home for a Fun Halloween in Evansville

Last Updated on 10/09/2020 by hortonteam

Halloween has always been big this is the time of the year and everyone is excited to dress up for costume parties, decorate their homes for the kids, and go trick-or-treating. However, is it still possible to have a fun Halloween in Evansville even with this pandemic?

Even with COVID-19, people can still have fun this Halloween. Trick-or-treating from house to house may not happen this year, but it looks like that’s not enough reason to cancel this special holiday. As early as September, people have started shopping for costumes and decorations to prepare for the end of October. You may have noticed some of your neighbors starting to set up their homes already.

doorstep sign saying sorry next year

There are a number of things you can do to have fun for one of the most awaited moments of 2020. The one we will focus on today is decorating.

Plan ahead

Spontaneity is fun, but it wouldn’t hurt to plan ahead. It wouldn’t be fun if the costumes you like or the decorations you want for your home are no longer available. As much as you want to be spontaneous and trust your creative mind, you also wouldn’t want to end up having a decor disaster because you ran out of resources.

jack-o-lantern with Christmas lights

Shop Early and Stay Safe

If you haven’t done any shopping for Halloween yet, stay calm. You can always order online. However, that might not be fun for some people. If you’re the type of person who would rather go to the nearest local Halloween store with your kids, keep in mind that your safety is still the priority.

Halloween decorations on white table

Before you go to the local store, do some research online. Are they really selling what you need? Are they strictly implementing social distancing?

knick knackery home page

For example, Nick Nackery on East Virginia Street added a photo on their website about social distancing. You can also check if your favorite Halloween store in Evansville has a Facebook page. The Spirit Halloween on East Lloyd Expressway, for example, always posts updates on their Facebook page.

spirit halloween facebook page

Decorate with Family

Once everything is planned out and you have everything you need, schedule a day to decorate with your family or close friends. Decorating doesn’t have to be about rolling up your sleeves and making everything look perfect. It could be about rolling up your sleeves and starting to have fun!

Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns

Anyone could use some spontaneity to show more creativity, and that could be better attained with more brains working than one. So, go on and invite your close friends and spread out those fake cobwebs, let the kids attach their paper crafts, and let the guys display their jack-o-lanterns with pride. With every person you care about working together, the fun part of Halloween is still possible—even in the midst of this pandemic.

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