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Evansville Building Permits: When Do You Need One

Last Updated on 10/06/2020 by hortonteam

Did you know that a permit may be necessary every time you update your home in Evansville? It’s the building permit. In order to avoid delays in your next project or any additional expenses, you need to be aware of this.

Getting a building permit is not just for those people who want to build their dream homes. It could also be a requirement for anyone who wants to refurbish their homes. So, if you’re thinking about updating your home this year, you came to the right place. This blog will cover everything that may need building permits in Evansville.

Why Building Permits

Whether it’s for the purpose of appraisal, increasing your home’s value, or just updating it for a better curb appeal, your next project may need a building permit in Evansville.

You need to be aware of the building permit updates in the City of Evansville because ignorance won’t save you. Doing your research earlier in order to know what you need to know could help you do what is necessary in a timely manner. This will save you from the trouble that would result from failure to comply with the ordinances of the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County. It’s one of the best ways to prepare for your next project.

Updates on Building Permits

So, what building permits you need? When are they required? Here’s a list of updates we’ve gathered from the City of Evansville for the year 2020.

It is required to get a building permit for the following:

  1.     New buildings
  2.     New additions to buildings
  3.     Structural alterations to existing buildings
  4.     Accessory buildings
  5.     Swimming pools
  6.     Windows
  7.     Siding
  8.     Re-roofing

It’s required to get a building wrecking permit for the following:

  1.     Demolition of all buildings
  2.     Demolition of accessory buildings

A moving permit is required:

  1.     Any time a building is moved to a new location

A fire alarm permit is required when you are:

  1.     Adding a new system
  2.     Improving an existing system

A fire suppression permit is required when you are:

  1.     Adding a new system
  2.     Improving an existing system

An HVAC permit is required if you are installing or replacing the following:

  1.     Furnace
  2.     Wood burning stove
  3.     Fireplace
  4.     Central air conditioning unit
  5.     Or making alterations to the distribution of fuel supply system

An Electrical permit is required if you are:

  1.     Installing a new service
  2.     Installing a new wiring or rewiring

We will update this post whenever there are changes. If you have any questions about building permits, schedules, and inspection fees, send a message on our Facebook page.

Now that you know the specific types of building permits you need in Evansville, it’s time to know about the process of requesting them. Check out this blog post (I will insert the link here) for the most recent information regarding requesting building permits in Evansville.

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